Router CNC and laser engraving and cutting machines


Over the years, PEREZ CAMPS has become known as a company that distributes engraving and cutting machines (laser or milling). Over time, it has focused on a direction that has led the company to change its business vision, seeing the great opportunity to manufacture its own units and at the same time focus on a more industrial sector that demands quality.

Its purpose is to become a reference knowledge hub, developing in-house talent by manufacturing and assembling cnc solutions, so that industrial companies can reduce costs and production times, as well as feed on the talent of the technical team.

Some time ago, the company's management had the challenge of being able to manufacture its own machines, assemble them at the Viladecans headquarters and have the confidence of leading European brands in electronic and mechanical components. This is now a reality!



Our company supply machinery for prototyping in the industrial design of automobiles, furthermore the production of passenger car components.


All three technologies are adequate for different applications in the aerospace industry. The possibilities are laser marking on electrical panels or metal pieces, machining and laser cutting to the manufacture of various components.

Equipment goods

Laser cutting technology for the manufacture of parts in the development of other industrial equipment.

Construction and urban furniture

CNC machining and laser cutting of sheet metal, both technologies transform products (metallic or not) that form part of building components and urban furniture. Thanks to laser cutting, all kinds of square and round cuts can also be made.


The possibilities offered by cnc and laser machining technologies are a source of inspiration for educational and collaborative spaces such as Fablabs, universities, schools and training centres.

Visual comunication

Cnc milling technology for the manufacture of graphic supports and furniture, and other applications in the graphic arts sector.


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