Strategy to reduce variable workshop costs

Reducing variable costs, those that are directly related to the volume of production, is one of the most important tasks of the top management of any company. In a machining shop it is very noticeable that every time the activity increases, the expenses increase, while when it decreases, so do the costs. 

Is the solution to resign ourselves to the situation or to find ways of making the most of what we have at our disposal?

Here we are going to tell you about one of the most effective ways to reduce the variable costs of your workshop and we will present you with a success story of a Pérez Camps customer.

The best way to reduce variable costs in a garage

When talking about how costs can be reduced, examples are often given relating to the consumption of raw materials, salesmen's commissions and specific taxes, but one could also talk about packaging, wrapping or product labelling.

However, it is common to forget to analyse whether the machinery we use in the workshop can be replaced by more efficient machineryAs we explained in our article on 7 metal cutting technologies, it is essential to know the price of maintenance, energy consumption and the cost of consumables of a machine in order to assess which one is the most cost-effective. In short:

Maintenance Power consumption Power consumption
Fiber laser Low Low Low
CO2 laser High High High
Plasma Low Medium Low/Medium
Oxycut Low Low Low
Router Low Medium/High Low
Punch press Medium High Medium/High
Water jet High High


Esta tabla debe servirte como guía para decidir si la maquinaria que usas en tu taller es realmente la que te permite sacar mejores resultados económicos. En Pérez Camps solemos recomendar el fiber lase, as in addition to being the least energy-consuming technology, it is the most versatile (you don't need several machines of different types) and its results are of the highest quality. 

If you are not convinced about whether the fibre laser is the most suitable machine for your workshop or if another one would give you better results, we encourage you to explain your case here. We will analyse your needs and advise you without obligation and without having to pay anything.

f you prefer, you can click on the following image and we can also guide you on how the incorporation of a fibre laser machine in your workshop would directly affect your income and expenses:

Casos de éxito fibra láser

Fibre laser machine success story in France

Mecano Soud is a family business founded in 1989 in the Loire-Atlantique region of France, specialising in metalwork and locksmithing. Specialists in metal carpentry, they have diversified their activity over the years, developing metal structure and cladding in order to meet the needs of their customers. The main materials they work with are aluminium, stainless steel and steel

Within the projects, which range from the design to the completion of the product, we find construction of stairs, buildings, gates, railings and much more. Each product is unique and is worked on according to the needs of each project. 

Reducir gastos taller

This customer wanted to get out of cutting subcontracting due to the usual problems (lack of responsiveness, delivery delays, operational rigidity, budget deviations, etc.). In addition, given the volume they had reached (currently 3 production centres), they needed a laser machine to supply all 3 companies. 

He chose Perez Camps milling machines on the direct recommendation of the supplier (SIGMANEST) and after having seen the two successful installations of the French customers Szymanski and SRCI, who conveyed the high level of satisfaction they have with our company.

With this acquisition, MECANO SOUD simplifies production, widens the field of production activity, cuts timings and controls budgets, as well as margins and profits. 

It should be noted that during this year, with the adaptation we have made of the business under the COVID-19 measures, with teleworking and minimising sales visits, the sales team was able to close this project with a high degree of satisfaction, which shows that new technologies, especially digital, are here to stay, joining forces to close deals like this one.

Casos de éxito fibra láser

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