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Over the years, PEREZ CAMPS has become known as a company that distributes engraving and cutting machines (laser or milling). Over time, it has focused on a direction that has led the company to change its business vision, seeing the great opportunity to manufacture its own units and at the same time focus on a more industrial sector that demands quality.

Its purpose is to become a reference knowledge hub, developing in-house talent by manufacturing and assembling cnc solutions, so that industrial companies can reduce costs and production times, as well as feed on the talent of the technical team.

Some time ago, the company's management had the challenge of being able to manufacture its own machines, assemble them at the Viladecans headquarters and have the confidence of leading European brands in electronic and mechanical components. This is now a reality!


Miquel Vilalta Pérez
Miquel represents the second generation of the family at PEREZ CAMPS. He has been managing the company since 2008 when his father, the founder, retired. With an open spirit to dialogue, he loves to travel and meet people in search of opportunities. In his free time, live music, hiking and reading essays are his preferences.
Rafael Granados
Rafael, Area Sales Manager for France and Product Manager for TECCAM Motion, is a lover of cycling and gastronomy. He enjoys his holidays travelling around South-East Asia, or in his garage rebuilding his beautiful Honda CB750 Cafe racer.
Amparo Navarro
Amparo is responsible for administration, accounting and finance. Always with a good coffee in the mornings to start the day, she likes to hear the voice of Neil Daimond or Alberto Vázquez Figueroa. When not in the office, he likes to walk through the forest enjoying the outdoors and nature.
Elia Álcazar
We present Elia Alcázar, one of the members of the administrative team of Perez Camps, since the year 99. In the morning she does not lack the coffee and a good breakfast. The open air, be it beach or mountain, is what you are looking for in your free time.
Gonzalo Sousa
CNC Technician
Gonzalo joined PerezCamps in 2004 and has since evolved into a Technical Consultant. You usually find him on his desk devising some design or assembly. It's more about going to the mountains, Argentinian and a fan of the River!
Noemí Carmona
Noemi started working at Perez Camps in 2000. She is currently in charge of the purchasing department, which is always involved with suppliers. She usually prepares a good cup of coffee alone and accompanies it with breakfast. In her free time she goes to the gym and tries to enjoy her family. She is also a lover of the mountains and the open air, whenever she can make escapes to the Aragonese Pyrenees or in the mountains of Navarre.
Ramón Requena
Ramon is one of the essential people at Perez Camps. Always attentive and diligent, there is no order that leaves without being packed and confirmed by him. During the day you will find him setting our ship with good music to brighten up the task, always ready to invite a coffee to whoever needs it. A lover of funk and soul, he dedicates his afternoons to playing the violin.
Jofre Campillo
SAT Manager
Jofre began his story with Pérez Camps many years ago, where he made his first steps as a technician for Multicam and Laser machines. His morning coffee has to be an espresso, short and intense. A great fan of astrophysics, one of his dreams is to be able to visit Mars.
Belinda Carreras
Materials | Eshop & Web
Belinda is one of the few people who knows the history of PC, where she started working back in 2004. A fan of tattoos, music and gastronomy, she is a yogi at heart. Her free time is dedicated to cooking, walking with her dogs in the mountains, having a drink on a terrace or organizing a plan for the weekend.
Pilar Vázquez
Pili is in charge of the sale of materials in Perez Camps. A lover of arthouse cinema, used-vehicle and hiking, she always has a smile to give away. With a special passion for baking, we have to note that everything he brings us to try, is to suck your fingers.
Aaron Guasque
Project Manager
Aaron, a graduate in electrical engineering, started as a milling machine technician and is now a Project Manager. He is one of the Castellers of Viladecans and one of his hobbies is archery. Aaron has brought new ideas to Perez Camps in the development of the TEC-CAM Motion, as well as supervising the manufacture of these machines.
Sandra Cobo
Sandra, an accountant by profession, is one of the last to join the Administration team. Laughing and with her music, she adds a crazy point to the office. If she's not surrounded by numbers on her desk, you'll find her with friends dancing or watching her kids in football.
Francisco Cote
Product Manager
Francisco is part of the sales department of Perez Camps, where he started in 2001. He has specialised in the range of fibre laser machines for metal cutting, and is dedicated to meeting the needs of each client. When he is not travelling around the country to work, he is with his family organizing trips to the silverware or any other place where he can be with his wife.
Joan Casas
Laser technician
Joan is another of the technicians dedicated to the world of laser machines, one of the youngest in the team. Curious personality but very nice, you'll always see with a coffee in your hand or laughing with colleagues. He has become a key part of our team.
Daniel Lee
Fiber laser technician
Daniel is our technical analyst for all machine models. He has been part of the R&D processes where we have optimized the quality of many equipment. A fan of Love of Lesbian music, he loves to practice outdoor sports.
Xavi Dominguez
Milling and laser technician
Xavi has already spent a period with us, where he worked as a technician with the laser machines. He has returned to the team eager to learn about the world of milling machines. In his spare time, you can find him listening to rock n' roll or riding his motorbike on the road.
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando is one of the newest members of our technical team. He started out as a technician for the blade machines, and now manages our customers' after-sales incidents. His place, being among snowy mountains enjoying the ski slopes with his colleagues.
Jordi Pérez
Product manager TECTools
Our product manager for the TEC-TOOLS range of tools. Always ready to serve customers with a smile and a good mood.
Constantin Ica
Assembly manager
Machining technician, assembly of mechanical assemblies and subassemblies, as well as mechanical assembly and fine adjustment of machinery are basically his tasks.
Eugene Ica
Together with his older brother Constatin, Eugene is also responsible for the assembly of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies.


If you like working as a team, in a dynamic and young environment, you have a vocation for customer service and you want to develop your knowledge:

Perez Camps is the company you are looking for.

We are looking for people who have the same desire to grow and create a pleasant team environment, who have great capacity for resolution and initiative. If you are a responsible and dynamic person; what are you waiting for…

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